Bird Plates

The Brenthurst Press
publisher of finely produced limited-edition Africana from the private collection
of the late Mr H.F. Oppenheimer is pleased to offer a limited quantity of
reproduced from FRAN�OIS LEVAILLANT
Bird Plates

Intrepid traveller, pioneering naturalist and famous author � Fran�ois Levaillant (1753-1824) was a celebrity in his own lifetime. His sumptuous bird books, highly sought after collectors� items, were published in a golden age of French natural history book production. A print extracted from the published books is currently offered by dealers at US $950; while a complete six volume set of Oiseaux d�Afrique sells at approximately $60 000. The Brenthurst Library is fortunate to have original watercolour paintings, mostly of birds of prey. Painted with brilliant clarity under Levaillant's supervision, these illustrations were the inspiration for the recent publication, Fran�ois Levaillant and the Birds of Africa.

The plates are reproduced to the highest standards at actual size of the originals, on acid-free paper. A limited number have been made available as prints, to be sold as sets. The prints are of exceptional beauty and quality, and are a rare opportunity to obtain reproductions of Levaillant plates at an affordable price. Whilst the prints, if framed, would enhance any setting, they would be particularly appropriate for corporate projects.


Bird PlatesThe sets are offered as 12 prints, priced at R450 per set; or 9 prints, priced at R360.
Each plate is 300mm deep x 240mm wide, printed on 150g/m² Phoenixmotion Xantur paper.
A maximum of 400 copies of each set is available.

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Set 1:
12 plates.
Price: R450 including VAT.

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Set 2:
12 plates.
Price: R450 including VAT.

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Set 3:
12 plates.
Price: R450 including VAT.

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Set 4:
12 plates.
Price: R450 including VAT.

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Set 5:
9 plates.
Price: R360 including VAT.

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