The Brenthurst Series

The Brenthurst Series

The Brenthurst Series books are published in three editions - presentation (full leather, not for sale), de luxe and standard.

The first two Brenthurst Series were published between 1975 and 1994.
The de luxe edition of the 1st series was half-bound (leather spine, leather corners and marble paper side) in green leather with red, white and green marble paper, in a matching slipcase. The 2nd series was half-bound in red leather using the same marble paper, also in a matching slipcase.

The 3rd series was redesigned by Roger Bolton, then binder at the Library: half-bound in navy blue leather, with teal green handmade marble paper sides and matching lined slipcase. The leather is navy Nigerian Sokoto tanned goatskin imported from Harmatan Leather Ltd, a UK-based tannery and supplier of fine bookbinding leathers. The marble paper, of an acid-free archival quality, is hand-marbled by Jackie Fletcher of Durban to a specific pattern and colour combination - stone marble in teal green with a gold vein. The books are top edge gilded, hand-sewn head-and-tail bands, rounded spine with five raised bands and tooled in gold, Currently, all the editions of the third series are bound by GraphiCraft in Cape Town. The Brenthurst binder co-ordinates the activities that take place between the printing and binding processes.

Checking colour proofs at the printerThe books are printed on 130g/m² Lanagrain Blanc, 25% cotton fibre, pH neutral paper, which is specially manufactured in France for the Press. It is an archival quality paper resembling in texture and colour the rag paper used in the classic age of book production. The unusually high percentage of cotton (for a modern paper) results in paper with a distinctive feel. An acid-free paper, it does not deteriorate with time to become brittle or develop brown spots, which are characteristics of cheaper acidic paper.

All standard editions are bound in Toile Elys�es bookcloth, top edge gilded, with head-and-tail bands, ribbon bookmark and colour laminated dustjacket folded in at head and tail.