Conditions for the consultation of material

1. Admission

  • Visitors must identify themselves to the Security Guard at the gate.
  • Access to the Brenthurst Estate will be confined to the immediate vicinity of the Library building.
  • Admission to the Library is only by prior appointment with a librarian. All Library users shall present themselves to a receptionist and a librarian on the first and all subsequent visits, producing identification in the form of either ID Book or Driver's Licence on the first visit.
  • The privilege of admission to the Library may be withdrawn by the librarian at any time for any violation of these conditions, for disregarding instructions or for offensive conduct. Offenders will not be granted admission to the Library again.

2. Hours of Opening

  • Monday to Friday 9h00 - 12h45 and 14h00 - 16h30 excluding public holidays.[A slight extension of hours may be made by arrangement.]

3. Application

  • A prospective researcher shall complete the form Application to do Research and sign the declaration. Signing this document shall create a contract to observe these conditions. Their infringement shall render the reader liable to damages for breach of contract.
  • Notification of change of address must be given.
  • An applicant not resident in greater Johannesburg must supply all other information requested.
  • Details of the subject and purpose of the research, and specific material required must be included on this form. Notification must be given in writing of any extension or modification of the subject of research or its purpose.
  • Applications will be dealt with at the convenience of the librarian, activities of The Brenthurst Press and other researchers
  • The applicant will be interviewed by a librarian to determine what material is relevant. The decision of the librarian shall be final.

4. Security

  • BAGS AND ALL CAMERAS AND CELL PHONES must be left with the Security Guard.
  • The user is warned that the Library is protected by various alarm systems, closed circuit TV monitors and a concealed book security system.
  • No access is permitted to the following areas: offices, manuscript room, bindery, committee room, private study and storerooms.

5. Access

  • No material may be removed or borrowed from the Library.
  • Users do not have direct access to the computerized catalogue and should consult the librarian.
  • A researcher is responsible for all material handed over for consultation until it has been returned to the librarian.
  • Published material on the open shelves may be consulted as required.
  • Access to artworks is only by permission of the librarian. Artworks may not be removed from the Art Gallery.
  • Consultation of manuscripts shall be done under the supervision of the librarian, who shall fetch material requested from the Manuscript Room.
  • Only processed manuscript and art collections are available for consultation, i.e. sorted, described and listed.
  • Access to material that may in future be used in a Brenthurst Press publication may be restricted. The decision of the Director of the Brenthurst Press shall be final.
  • Access to material which is in the process of being published will only be allowed if the Director of the Brenthurst Press consents, and will be at the Director's convenience.

6. Handling of Material

  • The utmost care is required when handling all library material. Hands must be clean and cotton gloves used for rare material.
  • Material must not be leaned on, folded, traced, pressed on while taking notes or handled in any damaging manner. Pages must be turned with particular care.
  • Any damage must be reported immediately to the librarian. Users will be held responsible for any damage caused.
  • The use of ink is forbidden. Notes will be made in pencil only.
  • The order of loose documents must not be disturbed.
  • Pictorial material must not be removed from books.
  • Assistance must be requested to consult books in large format.
  • Books should not be returned to the shelves, but left for correct re-shelving by the staff.

7. Copying of Material

  • Notes may be taken in the course of perusal, but no verbatim extracts in any form may be made from manuscripts without the written permission of the librarian.
  • Photocopies of published material [not exceeding 50 pages] and some original material may be provided, at the discretion of the librarian, for research purposes only.

8. Publications emanating from use of material in the library

  • The Application To Do Research form constitutes an undertaking not to quote from or reproduce in part or in whole any original material or artwork without obtaining written permission from the librarian. Reproduction of original material is permitted only for research and academic publications. Permission may be withheld at the discretion of the librarian.
  • Permission to quote from or reproduce material is granted on the understanding that copyright, where applicable, is retained by The Brenthurst Library or The Brenthurst Press, and does not constitute permission to transfer ownership of copyright.
  • A researcher shall acknowledge The Brenthurst Library or The Brenthurst Press as the source in any quotations from or references to documents consulted or pictorial matter reproduced.
  • A researcher shall consult the librarian on the correct form of citation.
  • A researcher shall present a complimentary copy of the publication to The Brenthurst Library. [In some cases a production copy or offprint will suffice.]
  • Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as affecting the South African law of copyright.

9. Reproduction of Material for Publication

  • The Library shall arrange for the copying of pictorial matter by a professional photographer at the expense of the researcher.
  • The Library reserves the right to select a photographer.
  • A quotation will be obtained and payment for photography is required in advance.
  • Photography will proceed only upon written acceptance of these terms.

Photographic charges and reproduction fees will be supplied on request.