From time to time The Brenthurst Library invites a speaker to give a lecture on a subject that has relevance to the library or to southern Africa . Recent lectures include

  • Prof. Karim Sadr
    School of Geography, Archaeology & Environmental Studies, University of the Witwatersrand
    "KWENENG – a pre-colonial city near Johannesburg, the stone-walled city of the Suikerbosrand"
  • Prof. Robin Crewe
    Senior Research Fellow – Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship
    "The Dark Side of the Feminine Monarchy – Individual behaviour of honey bees"
  • Professor Lord Morgan
    "Britain and Europe – From World War 11 to Brexit"
  • Rob Caskie
    "An African Odyssey"
  • Lindiwe Mazibuko
    "Supporting the next Generation of Public Leaders in South Africa"
  • Professor Bob Scholes
    "Shale Gas in the Karoo"
  • Richard Steyn
    "The Friendship : Churchill & Smuts"
  • James Suzman
    "Affluence without Abundance : The disappearing world of the Bushmen"
  • Denis Beckett
    "A Nation with Fewer Gripes (and nicer ways of griping)"
  • Judge Kathleen Satchwell
    "Lost South Africans of the Great War 1915 - 1918"
  • Bobby Godsell
    "The Promise of our Beloved Country 2017"
  • Charles Van Onselen
    "Sunny Places for Shady Characters – the making of working class cultures in Southern Africa’s mining revolution"
  • Nico de Bruyn, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor Mammal Research Institute – Department of Zoology & Entomology, University of Pretoria
    "Crossing Oceans & linking ecosystems – The Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme"
  • Brian McKechnie
    "Art Deco in the New York of Africa"
  • Prof. Kathy Munro
    Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Architecture & Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand
    "Delville Wood 1916 – 2016"
  • Prof. Lee Berger
    Ph.D. D.Sc FRSSAf ASSAf - Research Professor in Human Evolution and the Public Understanding of Science Evolutionary Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand
    "Homo Naledi – and the search for human origins"
  • Imtiaz Sooliman
    Chairman & Founder Gift of the Givers
    "An insight into Gift of the Givers"
  • Rob Speirs
    "The early missionaries and the Frontier Wars of 1835-1878"
  • Dr Elizabeth van Heyningen
    "The Concentration Camps of the Anglo-Boer War – why they are relevant today"
  • Dr Mark Berry
    "In the footsteps of Thomas Baines – The Great Tree"
  • Vincent Carruthers
    "The Magaliesberg – a sense of time, a sense of place"
  • Tim Butcher
    Best selling author & award-winning journalist, British-born, based in Cape Town
    "The Trigger" - Hunting the Assassin who brought the World to War
  • Professor Louis Changuion
    St.Helena - South African Historical Connections with the 'Isle of Saints'
  • Pieter-Dirk Uys
    "No One's died Laughing"
  • Tim Butcher
    Best selling author & award-winning journalist, British-born, based in Cape Town
    "The Quiet African" - Graham Greene's lifelong affair with Africa
  • Patricia Glyn
    Eco-adventurer, Writer and professional Speaker
    "Dawid's Return - the story of a journey into the Kalahari with an old Bushman and his family"
  • Tony Leon
    "The Accidental Ambassador - From Parliament to Patagonia"
  • Professor Lindy Stiebel
    English Studies. University of Kwa Zulu - Natal
    "Thomas Baines on the North Australia Expedition 1855 - 1851"
  • Rob Caskie
    "The Mahdi, Gordon of Khartoum & Kitchener in the Sudan"
  • Dr Anne Samson
    Independent Historian & Co-ordinaror of The Great War in The East Africa Association
    "The Mining Magnates of South Africa and World War 1" Click to download
  • Professor Jane Carruthers
    Department of History, UNISA
    "Romance, Reverence, Research, Rights" - writing about elephant hunting & management in South Africa from c.1830 to the present Click to download
  • Professor Ronald Clark
    Reader in Paleoanthropology and Director of Sterkfontein Caves excavations, Institute for Human Evolution, University of the Witwatersrand
    "Libraries, Lime Workers & Little Foot"
  • Professor Jonathan D Jansen
    Vice-Chancellor and Rector, University of the Free State
    "The second generation knowledge of black youth"
  • Duncan Mitchell
    Professor Emeritas of Physiology, University of the Witwatersrand
    "Long-lived Mammals & Climate Change" - the response of large mammals to global warming and southern hemisphere drying
  • Rob Caskie
    "South with Scott & Shackleton"

In June 2012, the library hosted a performance by the Whiffenpoofs of Yale University.

To add your name to the invitation list, telephone 011 544-5400