Past Publications

The Third Series

The Jameson Raid: A Centennial Retrospective (1996)
academic editor Jane Carruthers

A timely re-examination of a notorious incident which has intrigued, confused and exasperated historians for a century, twelve internationally recognized scholars contribute to an anthology which exhibits a variety of approaches to the causes, personalities and consequences of the Raid. The roles of, and relationships between, the central characters of Dr Leander Starr Jameson, Cecil John Rhodes, Joseph Chamberlain and Paul Kruger are examined, as well as the influence of the Boer-Bagananwa war and economic causes in the events leading to the Raid, and the political and economic consequences which may have contributed to the South African War.
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-53-8 ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition R650.00
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

‘Like beacons, particular numbers in The Brenthurst Library series stand out, and this fine work of Africana is surely one of these’
Financial Mail

In January 1997, a symposium, The Jameson Raid and Beyond, was held at The Brenthurst Library. The published proceedings are: the keynote address, the politics of the Raid, the role of the media and popular literature, the economic debate, the Black perspective, personalities of the Raid, the aftermath of the Raid and the build-up to the South African War, and the conclusion.

Flora Herscheliana: Sir John and Lady Herschel at the Cape, 1834 to 1838 (1998)
by Brian Warner and John Rourke

Sir John Herschel (1792—1871) - son of Sir William Herschel, the discoverer of the planet Uranus – is recognized as one of Britain’s great nineteenth-century scientists. He visited the Cape from 1834 to 1838 to survey the southern skies, and became fascinated by the beauty and diversity of Cape Flora. He and his wife, Margaret, produced a magnificent portfolio of botanical drawings, outlined by John using a camera lucida for scientific accuracy, and painted in watercolours by Margaret. This book reproduces these paintings, with other unpublished works by artists such as Charles Davidson Bell and Thomas Bowler, and is a celebration of the abundant beauty the Herschel’s found on the doorstep of Feldhausen, their home at the Cape.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-56-7 ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print
‘A fascinating story accompanied by exceptional botanical art’
Condé Nast House and Garden

The Siege of Mafeking 2 volumes (2001)
academic editor Iain Smith

to mark the centenary of the South African War, and inspired by a major manuscript collection in The Brenthurst Library, the archive of Colonel Robert Baden-Powell’s second-in-command, Lieutenant-Colonel Courtenay Vyvyan, this book revisits the famous and controversial Siege of Mafeking. Vyvyan, whose achievements have been largely overshadowed by his famous and flamboyant superior officer, left one of the most comprehensive single archives of the siege. New research by nine international authors, all authorities in their fields, using this and innumerable other sources has resulted in a richly detailed work of scholarly importance, beautifully illustrated, highly readable and entertaining.
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-57-4 ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition R1950.00
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-58-1 ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition R5500.00

‘Of the many publications prompted by the centenary of the South African War, this is quite the most magnificent’
The Journal of Commonwealth and Imperial History

‘A very valuable contribution to South African history’
The Spectator

François Levaillant and the Birds of Africa (2004)
by Kees Rookmaker, Peter Mundy, Ian Glenn and Emma Spary

This finely-produced and lavishly illustrated book includes reproductions of fifty-eight plates of original watercolour paintings, mostly of birds of prey, the prototypes of published engravings from François Levaillant’s Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux d’Afrique. Levaillant (1753—1824) is seen against the backdrop of the world of natural history and its practice in the late European Enlightenment. He is shown as an intrepid traveller and pioneering naturalist, shrewdly negotiating the upheavals of the French Revolution and Napoleonic era to achieve his scientific ambitions; a controversial figure whose work laid the foundation of African ornithology.
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-59-8 ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition R2250.00
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-60-4 ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition R6250.00
‘This beautiful book about the 18th-century French scholar, traveller and naturalist, François Levaillant, shows all the quality of author selection, research support and publishing skills that we expect from The Brenthurst Press. It is also a masterpiece for teaching and giving meaning to the history of science.’ Quest

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The Second Series

Livingstone Letters, 1843 to 1872 (1985)
edited by Maurice Boucher

A legendary figure in the history of African exploration and missionary endeavour, David Livingstone has captured the imagination of many writers. In the aftermath of the imperialist age, we are better able to assess the part he played in the evolution of modern Africa. Unlike so many of his contemporaries we can give full credit for his outstanding qualities without attempting to gloss over his obvious human failings. This volume covers a period from his first years as a missionary in Africa to the drama of his last journeys three decades later. The text is enhanced by many contemporary illustrations, including several hitherto unpublished works.
ISBN 0 909079 26 9 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 27 7 de luxe edition out of print

John Blades Currey, 1850 to 1900 (1986)
edited by Phillida Brooke Simons

Currey is probably best known for the profound influence that he had on two of his closest friends, the Cape premiers Cecil John Rhodes and John X. Merriman. In these memoirs, Currey�s astute observations chronicle the political and social events of the period. During his lifetime his occupations ranged from farming to soldiering, from mining to state administration, activities that took him to almost every corner of the Cape Colony. As secretary to the government of Griqualand West he chose the name �Kimberley� for the burgeoning diamond-fields town. He is revealed not as a politician but as a man who helped to shape politicians, not as a man who made history but rather as one who was passionately part of it.
ISBN-13 978-0-909079-30-7 ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

Melton Prior: War Artist, 1895 to 1900 (1987)
by Jane Carruthers

The drawings of Melton Prior reflect a working life spent in the trouble spots of the British empire. As a war artist employed by the Illustrated London News, Prior recorded both memorable moments and everyday events in the lives of colonials, soldiers and their opponents, on almost every continent. This volume covers events in southern Africa during the Jameson Raid, the 1896 rebellion in Matabeleland and the South African War. Included are reproductions of 87 of Prior�s on-the-spot sketches, revealing the mood and adventure of Victorian times.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

Robert Jacob Gordon: Cape Travels, 1777 to 1786 2 vols (1988)
edited by Peter E. Raper and Maurice Boucher

Robert Jacob Gordon, a Dutchman of Scottish descent, can be considered as perhaps the most important of the eighteenth-century travellers in southern Africa. Head of the Dutch garrison at the Cape, he penetrated the Cape interior further than any known European predecessor or contemporary, and as one of the first explorers to reach the Orange River, named it in 1777. On his travels, he kept detailed and meticulous records of the geology, geomorphology, flora and fauna of the Cape, as well as observations on the indigenous peoples he encountered, namely Khoikhoi, San, Tswana and Xhosa. Many drawings executed by him and the artists who accompanied him are reproduced courtesy of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

A Soldier in a South Africa, 1899 to 1902 (1989)
edited by S.B. Spies

The story of one man�s experience of close on three years of war, Lieutenant Eustace Adabie�s account was not subject to military censorship, and the result is frank, critical and perceptive. First-hand accounts of the battles of Graspan, Belmont and Magersfontein are given, as well as the relief of Kimberley. In the cavalry division on Major-General French�s staff for over two years, Abadie was close to decision-making at command level and saw military operations over a wide area. A vivid portrayal of an imperial war, this work is illustrated with contemporary illustrations.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

Thomas Baines: Eastern Cape sketches, 1848 to 1852 (1990)
by Jane Carruthers

A lavishly illustrated volume set in the Eastern Cape, 163 watercolour and pencil sketches by Thomas Baines, many of which have not been published before, are reproduced. Included are studies of the scenery of the region, its flora and fauna, its inhabitants and their way of life. Many of the sketches are set against the backdrop of the Eighth Frontier War, during which Baines was employed as official war artist to the British forces.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

�Vanity Fair� in Southern Africa, 1869 to 1914 (1991)
by Sonia Clarke

The weekly magazine Vanity Fair was published in London from 1868 to 1914, and catered to the tastes of high-society Victorians and Edwardians. From 1869 each issue carried a caricature lithographed in full colour, depicting a notable person of the day. The portraits, with the often biting of amusing commentaries that accompanied them, provide entertaining glimpses of life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Reproduced here is a selection of over eighty caricatures of personalities who had links with southern Africa during what was a turbulent time in the regions history. A broad commentary relates the characters to their contemporaries and events of the period.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

Britain at the Cape, 1795 to 1803 (1992)
edited by Maurice Boucher and Nigel Penn

The British first occupied the Cape for less than eight years. During that time judicious economic, social and political reform was initiated, despite a background of internal rebellion (of burghers and Khoikhoi), frontier war (between colonists, Xhosa and Khoisan), and naval mutiny. A significant historical period is examined in this synthesis of editorial text, documents and artworks, illuminating the major events, issues and personalities.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

The Cape of Good Hope, 1806 to 1872 (1994)
by Graham Viney and Phillida Brooke Simons

The occupation of the Cape by the British in 1806 proved one of the great watersheds in the history of the colony, incorporating it for a century and a half into the greatest empire the world had yet known. The text imparts a flavour of the social life of the new order which was to change the outlook and habits of the population for ever, while the splendid illustrations record, before the days of the camera, the Cape as it appeared during the years 1806 to 1872.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

The Brenthurst Series

The Brenthurst Baines (1975)
edited by Marius and Joy Diemont

Thomas Baines was the most widely travelled of the nineteenth-century explorers in southern Africa. From 1842 when he first arrived at the Cape, until his death in Durban in May 1875 Baines journeyed extensively through the subcontinent. He became South Africa�s first official war artist, and this profusely illustrated volume contains reproductions of some of the many sketches executed by Baines during the Eastern Frontier wars, and on his travels in southern Africa.
ISBN 0 909079 01 3 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 02 1 de luxe edition out of print

The Kitchingman Papers (1976)
edited by Basil le Cordeur and Christopher Saunders

In the early nineteenth century, during the period of slave emancipation, the Eastern Cape frontier was the scene of much turmoil and conflict. The London Missionary Society�s Reverend James Kitchingman (1792�1848) wrote journals and kept correspondence from some of the most prominent and controversial missionaries in southern Africa at the time. These papers reveal, among other things, insight into the church�s role in politics, and the petty in-fighting between missionary groups.
ISBN 0 909079 03 X standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 04 8 de luxe edition out of print

Cape Views and Costumes: Water-colours by H.C. de Meillon (1978)
edited by Anna H. Smith

Consisting of a short introduction and 22 views of nineteenth-century Cape town as well as 64 groups of costumed inhabitants of the early Cape, this volume forms an exquisite historical and social record in the form of watercolour paintings. The work is accompanied by De Meillon�s People of Colour (by Robert C.-H. Shell), a 16-page commentary on the costumes depicted in De Meillon�s work
ISBN 0 909079 05 6 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 06 4 de luxe edition out of print

The Flora Capensis of Jakob and Johann Philipp Breyne (1978)
edited by Mary Gunn and Enid du Plessis

Jakob Breyne (1637�1697) and his son Johann Philipp (1680�1764) were wealthy merchants of Danzig who collected rare and exotic plants. In 1724 Johann Philipp had 86 watercolour drawings of plants from the Cape of Good Hope bound in an album. All the drawings are unsigned and were executed by several artists. The Cape is well known for its profusion of indigenous wild flowers, and these centuries-old paintings are here reproduced for the first time, together with an introduction, and notes on each plant depicted.
ISBN 0 909079 07 2 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 08 0 de luxe edition out of print

The Invasion of Zululand, 1879 (1979)
edited by Sonia Clarke

In 1879 a war was waged in southern Africa: the British army of Queen Victoria invaded Zululand, and the Zulu king, Cetshwayo, retaliated with such force, skill and discipline that the British sustained an initial defeat of dimensions never before encountered by Her Majesty�s Imperial Army. The volume comprises personal writings of an artillery colonel, a cavalry officer, and a colonial governor, all of whom were closely involved on the British side. Fresh and unprejudiced insight into the notoriously controversial Anglo-Zulu War is given, highlighted by the Battle of Isandhlwana, the defence of Rorke�s Drift, the death of the Prince Imperial, and the Battle of Ulundi.
ISBN 0 909079 10 2 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 11 0 de luxe edition out of print

Paterson�s Cape Travels, 1777 to 1779 (1980)
edited by Vernon S. Forbes and John Rourke

William Paterson (1755�1810) was commissioned in 1777 by the Countess of Strathmore to collect plants at the Cape. A variety of new species was discovered on the young Scot�s four journeys which covered 9000 km, embracing a grand sweep from the mouth of the Orange River in the west to the banks of the Keiskamma River in the east. Paterson�s original manuscript journal is here fully annotated, and illustrated with plants, people, scenery and animals � all published for the first time. The journal is the first full-length account in English of extensive travel in the interior of Africa.
ISBN 0 909079 12 9 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 13 7 de luxe edition out of print

The War of the Axe, 1847 (1981)
edited by Basil le Cordeur and Christopher Saunders

Sparked off in 1846 by an incident in which the Xhosa released a man who had been arrested on a charge of stealing an axe, the War of the Axe � or Seventh Frontier War � was fought between the Fish and Kei Rivers in the Eastern Cape. The 1847 phase of the bush war is revealed here in correspondence between the governor of the Cape Colony, Sir Henry Pottinger, and the commander of the British forces at the Cape, Sir George Berkeley, and other writers. Illustrative material includes many previously unpublished works of the celebrated artists Thomas Baines and Frederick I�Ons.
ISBN 0 909079 14 5 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 15 3 de luxe edition out of print

Baines on the Zambesi, 1858 to 1859 (1982)
edited by Edward C. Tabler

In 1858 the famed missionary-explorer Dr David Livingstone led an expedition to investigate the navigability of the Zambesi River. Artist and storekeeper to the venture was Thomas Baines whose diary of 1858 is published here for the first time together with related correspondence. The text is illustrated with over a hundred of Baines�s pencil and watercolour sketches which together record the ocean voyage from Britain, via the Cape, to the mouth of the Zambezi River and then upstream through Portuguese-occupied territory to the unnavigable Cabora Bassa Rapids.
ISBN 0 909079 17 X standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 18 8 de luxe edition out of print

The Defence of Ladysmith and Mafeking (1983)
edited by Arthur Davey

Within a few weeks of the outbreak of the South African War in October 1899, Boer forces had laid siege to several British colonial towns, among them Ladysmith and Mafeking. The sieges themselves and the relief operations which developed as a result were epics of the day. First-hand accounts are here given by four of the besieged � William Thwaites, Steuart Binny, Alfred Down, and Samuel Cawood. Their texts are illustrated by contemporary sketches and photographs.
ISBN 0 909079 21 8 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 22 6 de luxe edition out of print

Zululand at War 1879 (1984)
edited by Sonia Clarke

For over a century the Anglo-Zulu War has remained a source of great interest and controversy. Events of the war, such as the battles of Isandhlwana and Ulundi, the defence of Rorke�s Drift, and the death of the Prince Imperial, are well known. In this volume they are described in the frank and often highly critical letters of British officers thus revealing the inadequacies of the British army which had invaded Zululand. Also published are the proceedings which took place as a result of the death of the Prince Imperial and which were subject to an embargo for a hundred years.
ISBN 0 909079 23 4 standard edition out of print
ISBN 0 909079 24 2 de luxe edition out of print

Brenthurst Archives

Not published within a series, Brenthurst Archives: Footnotes to History was published in four parts in 1994 and 1995. ISSN 1022-2421. All out of print

Brenthurst Archives volume 1 number 1 1994
Contents: �Olive Schreiner: selected documents�, �The Cape in 1827 as seen by Marianne James�, �Some bookplates in The Brenthurst Library�, A visit to Table bay in 1608�.

Brenthurst Archives volume 1 number 2 1994
Contents: �One moment! A glimpse into the writings of Alan Paton�, �Helen Vanderplank�s wild flowers of the Port Elizabeth area�, �Letter from Robert Jacob Gordon to Hendrik Fagel, 1779�, ��The Bridge� by Leonard French�.

Brenthurst Archives volume 2 number 1 1995
Contents: �The man who isn�t there: Sir Courtenay Vyvyan and the aftermath of the siege of Mafeking�, �Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire (rare illustrations depicting the dress of southern African peoples of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries)�, �A tale of two mysteries: The Patterson embassy to King Lobengula (How did the group of five die?)�, �Glosses on the colonial land-tenure system (Cape title-deeds issued during the Dutch-rule period)�.

Brenthurst Archives volume 2 number 2 1995
Contents: �Frederick Courteney Selous: Letters to Henry Anderson Bryden, 1889�1914�, �Some early records of African languages�, �Some bookplates in The Brenthurst Library: an additional note�.

The Brenthurst Gardens (1986)
by Alan Huw Smith

Brenthurst is the private estate of the Oppenheimer family, and this book reveals one of the loveliest gardens in the world. A tour of formal gardens and woodlands embellished with striking statuary or delicate sculpture, through a wild garden of indigenous plants, a wonderful collection of cycads and soothing water gardens � this is a celebration of a jewel at the heart of Johannesburg.
ISBN 0 909079 41 2 Out of print